Great Circle of Life

The Great Circle of Life
Having the great honor and joy of communicating with animals and nature for over 20 years, my life has been transformed.  Before I could only see and experience life through my human eyes, my human perspectives, facts and data I read in books and studied in science.  Today, after more than 7,000 consultations, I understand so much more.  My life is richer, deeper and I feel more whole, understanding more deeply, my part in the great Circle of Life.
For animals, life is always a circle with no defined beginning or ending.  They compare it to the cells of my own body, many of which are dying as I write these letters and other new cells are being born.  If not, I would cease to be me, here and now.  A great tree falls over and eventually decomposes and becomes food for endless kinds of creatures.  It is alive with life in a different form. Eventually new plants, probably new trees, will grow in what was once its very own body.  The soul of the tree has gone on to inhabit a new vibrant growing tree.  It has not disappeared into the ether.  There are other life forms whose joy is inhabiting the transforming, decomposing bodies, whether they are eaten by insects or other animals. Their joy and purpose and excitement is derived from the transformation of one kind of matter into another. It is similar to eating an apple which one day is growing on a tree and the next day, a part of the cells in your body.  In reality it only changed form. It was living matter you ingested and which becomes your blood and skin and hair and eyes.
Animals, plants, insects, humans all transform eventually and the circle and the cycles are repeated over and over again.  This is the true beauty of life as it travels around and around this circle replenishing itself, renewing the landscape, renewing the earth, renewing the universe.
Our animal friends will all pass on eventually, as we each do.  The connection we had, remains.  What you feel and experience is that immense love which pierces your body on all levels and embraces you fully, regardless of your race, religion, job, income, or anything else. The animal’s soul is what wraps its energetic arms around us and opens our hearts to the magic of life.  It is not the physical body, which is just a vehicle for the incredible power behind it, connected to something way beyond words.  This connection is never severed and never dies, only transforms itself into something different for the sheer joy of the experience.  You can still connect with that energy, feel and experience its energy, ask for help, express gratitude and more.
One of my greatest joys is assisting people through this time and help them to more deeply understand their animal friend’s point of view.  Animals give us so much during their lives, it is such a precious gift to give that back in return by finding out what they desire right now.  Are they in pain, do they want something from us?  Do they need assistance passing or would they like to go on their own?  Are you have difficulty with the process and need them to understand your experience as well?  All these things and more are important.  I love serving people at this time and helping them be more present with the experience and the joy and celebration is can hold. I also can just be that best friend who listens and allows you to share at whatever depth is necessary.
© Morgine Jurdan

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