Morgine was so kind and helpful to me in my time of need.  My beloved cat, Seamus, got very sick very quickly, and I didn’t know which direction to take for his needs.  Morgine was able to connect with Seamus in a way that I know was true, and I was able to be with him during his little time left.  This soothed my heart so much.  I am grateful for your gentle guidance, Morgine.  — Tanna BC

Morgine, You helped me tremendously with my boy, Arnie. It’s been a year since my beloved boy passed away on this day, around 4:00 PM. I know it’s been a year, but it feels like it happened yesterday. I love him so much. I miss him something fierce.

I’m writing to thank you, Morgine. You were a huge help to me and therefore you were an enormous help to Arnie, which is all I cared about. I simply can’t thank you enough, but I’m here to try. Thank you Morgine, with hugs, Dave D.

It had been 6 months since my beloved female Maine coon cat of 17 years passed away but I still found myself in pain and grief.  I felt like I could not go on this way and must know what my baby was feeling and what she was doing now.  I found Penelope Smith’s web site and then found Morgine as a communicator in Washington state.  Her web site seemed so sincere that it made me cry and I felt I had found the right person.  I started our phone call close to tears from grief and ended it in sheer joy.  Morgine has a wonderful gift.  She confirmed what I had felt, that my beloved Bella has visited me several times in spirit since her passing and that all I need to do is think of her and her spirit will be with here with me.  I did not know that even if an animal has incarnated into a new body their spirit can still visit us.  How can you find words to express gratitude for someone who helps you to turn pain and grief into sheer joy – I highly recommend Morgine and feel blessed for having been guided to her.  Susan

Morgine has been a blessing to me over the years. I first started working with her back in 2000 when the loss of a long-time companion left me hurting. Through the years she helped me contact loved pets who has passed on from this world, helping me to cope with their loss and better understand the journey their souls are on. She has helped me find lost pets, communicating to me what the pet was seeing so I could identify their location quicker. She has helped me communicate with sick pets to help me know what care needed to be provided for them, and when it was time to stop treatments and let them fly free. She has helped my pets pass over the rainbow bridge when their time came. Most of all, she has been a support to me through each pet’s journey. She is both loving and truthful. She doesn’t hide the truth to spare emotions and is willing to state boldly what is occurring, but stays as a support to help you work through the situation.

The last dog I had to say goodbye to was a very hard situation for me. Morgine not only told me what she was perceiving, but got additional advice for me from others whom she trusted. Once she told me what I had dreaded hearing, she stayed by me, and shared several resources with me to help me through my feelings . She offered to talk to my husband as well to help him understand the situation. She helped me communicate my last thoughts to my dog, and shared in my grief as I prepared to let her go. She even spoke with a vet to help me know how much of a sedating medication to give so my dog wouldn’t panic when the time came. Morgine has both stayed close and given me the space I needed to sort things out in my mind during this time. Despite the physical distance between us, I have never felt that Morgine is far away when she is needed.
I’d always hope to not need Morgine’s help to communicate with my pets, I’d rather that my pets could stay with me forever. But, since I know this is not the case, it’s always a comfort to know that she is there if, or when, I should need her. I’m thankful for all the help and guidance she has given me over the years. Olga

Dear Animal Lover,
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Morgine to assist with any pet problem or concern. I have known of Morgine Jurdan’s great talents as an animal communicator and pet psychic for the past 5 years, but only recently needed her unique brand of help with my dog diagnosed with eye ailments; together with a growing fear of thunderstorms, which included a constant shaking during mild rain.
As both my coach and my dog’s advocate, Morgine was quick to interpret the presenting issues and focused the conversation on my understandable anxiety.  She conducted a fast analysis of ‘our relationship’ and immediately supported me to change the underlying co-dependent dynamics driving my concerns. She simply and effectively explained the differences between pet and people’s perspectives about illness, and showed me how to check my fears at the door.  This revelation immediately guided me toward a more effective change of mind which gave me peace.

Devoted to us as their owners, pets can often become concerned with OUR reactions, she explained. They experience life differently–as unconditionally loving gifts to humanity. She reminded me how pets teach us how to be more loving and self-caring.  This helped me see how I had become part of the problem and I could now easily promote the solution. Moreover, Morgine also presented practical and easy ways to help my dog end his thunderstorm distress, in a supportive and casual manner.
Morgine is skilled at identifying the most important issues, even in the most complex situations. She was quick to assess and accurately interpret the challenges, and helped me immediately change my behavior which helped my dog .

With her skills and her strong commitment, Morgine has a natural talent to inspire and motivate, and demonstrates a deep advocacy and can-do attitude, no matter how difficult a pet health challenge may be. I highly recommend her without reservation, and I am most certain she will help you end any pet-related health or behavioral issue.

Deborah Holt, President and CEO
UniverSelf Personal & Organizational Transformation, LLC

What comfort you brought us, in relaying messages from our sweet Rosie! She passed while we were away and you were able to fill in the gaps and help us to move on in our grieving process. The information you relayed from her actually made us laugh, as it is exactly what she would say to us under the circumstances. I carry her reminders with me every day.
We especially enjoy the audio text you sent, as it allows us to go back and listen to her words when we want to. Your follow up and note were so sweet. I am most grateful for your gentle manner and helping to provide some peace. You’ve helped to transfer a painful loss into gratitude for all that we shared. Thank you for helping us to connect to Rosie, we are truly grateful.   Kathryn

During a time of great turmoil and confusion for me, Morgine was there to help bridge a gap. It was crystal-clear that she was connected to and communicating with my boy, my sweet Huckleberry right away. I knew immediately that her intuitive animal communication skills were significant, but what really impressed me about Morgine is her in-depth understanding and connectedness with spirituality, and her willingness to share her knowledge and life lessons with others. I am forever grateful for Morgine’s follow up with my Huckleberry as we navigated some turbulent (for me) waters at the end of his life, and for how willing she is to share her beautiful heart with others. In my opinion, Morgine is a rare gem in this world, full of light and love and happy to embrace all the good the world has to offer, all the while sharing those very gifts with anyone willing to accept them. Thank you Morgine, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Adrianne

Quite simply, you and Weenie have transformed my being and I know it in my cells ….the love and joy I felt as I could stay with Weenie through each step of her journey as she left her little body, is nothing short of an miracle. I’ll never be able to thank you , in the quintessential way I want to. Only maybe in you knowing you and Weenie and Ema have awakened me.  Love, Normi Noel

Thanks for your card, kind thoughts, comfort and help through this experience. You helped me turn a terrible situation into an uplifting one.  Michelle

As a client, you have helped me so much in dealing with the passing of my dogs.  When you send the message that you have received from them, it always makes me feel that they are right here with me and it makes it so much easier to cope.  
Carol Riser

As a professional and business owner who serves as a catalyst to help individuals and organizations make positive changes in their lives by realizing their potential, I recognize and acknowledge Morgine’s unique and valuable ability to bridge the communication gap between the language of the human species and the language of our companion animals. She’s an extraordinary woman with a strong sense of compassion and integrity. I greatly appreciate her special abilities. She has definitely enhanced my relationship with my companion animals .
Debra Gugig-Bauer

I will definitely refer clients to you as I believe your work to be superior to many I spoke with during that troubled time. Above all you are compassionate and loving, qualities so necessary to the true workers.  Barbara