♥ KNOW what your animal friend is Feeling as the end draws near.

♥ PEACE OF MIND knowing what she Desires Most right now.

♥ Maybe I can help you Create a more Peaceful Celebration of your animal friend’s life?

My name is Morgine and it is such an honor to serve you at this time as you animal friend nears the end of their life. I am here to listen, hold your hand, and lovingly help you through this experience, knowing someone truly cares and understands your feelings.

I have been communicating with animals professionally for almost two decades and this is one of the areas I find most affirming and  useful for my clients.  It is my hope to eventually inspire people to have deeper relationships with their animal friends in which they celebrate their lives as they grow and mature, and passing can be seen as just another beautiful step on that path.

Many people spend years wondering if they made the right decision in helping their animal friend and was it too early, or did they wait too long?  Did they suffer and so on? I am here to end the questions and create Peace of Mind knowing you did what your Beloved Friend desires most.  I am grateful to be be sharing my own talents with you so that you and your animal friend can both have the most beautiful experience possible.

Morgine Jurdan ~ Contact Information